Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I love them..an i want them!

Her suits and tailoring is fantastic i would love to try and recreate this in my work, i adore her angle of the fabric and the shapes she creates....employ me!!!

Westwood is a genius

I am such a big fan of westwood!! i love her work and the fact that she is now diving into wallpaper design is amazing!!! i love that she is dispalying it on the model like clothes so it is like a paper dress! she is fantastic in every way... i aim to own one of her suits before i die, better start saving now!

Monday, 30 November 2009

More pic's of my studio

final got in and dusted of my sketch book and got to work in my studio. Thought i would post a couple of pictures of my sketch book pages and some ideas i am working on. Really getting back into the swing of things. Paper, lines, folds, cut outs, and t-shirts are floating my boat right now and i dont know why but i am pushing forward with it to see what happens!

The magazine like promised

What do you think? I am dead excited about it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Studio work

I have so many ideas just now that are rattling around my brain i cant seem to get them down on paper quick enough!! still having trouble getting back into the working way but i have hopefully pushed through the tough part and stuff will start to flow more.

cant wait for su blackwells exhibiton in december bet it will be really inspirational!! Also more photos of my work will be posted sortly!

another web page

Totally forgot about my work being posted on this web page http://www.creativedundee.com/2009/05/talent-show-special-duncan-of-jordanstone-degree-show-2009.html . It was just after my degree show. Very exciting stuff.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Update magazine!!!!

A magazine which is produced monthly by dundee city council who i work for has featured ME and the work i am doing with the pupils of 6 schools aorund dundee. I am mentioned on page 2 and my work was the front cover for this months issue. very exciting stuff. As well as this i was featured on creativechocolate a cute blog which is based on hand made craft items which i love!! they are all very organic and inspiring designers which appear in this blog, have a wee peak at it...very cute. http://www.chocolatecreative.blogspot.com/ the link to my bit on the page is http://chocolatecreative.blogspot.com/2009/07/nicola-brown-work.html will hopefully have images of the mag up soon!